Weighty matters

Thoughts after one year of using my suburito:

-I was worried that it would be a novelty that would lose my interest.  While I don’t use it every time I do suburi, it has become a regular part of my practice. 

-The weight has helped me increase strength in my training, but it also provides good feedback on efficiency in my movements and balance.

-We try not to use strength in our technique and let the weapon do the work.  The additional weight means there is more of the weapon to work with.  The shape and momentum gives a feeling of enormous potential that I quickly learned not to struggle against.

-It is a pleasure to use.  The entire purpose of making it was to provide a challenge and a different focus while doing suburi.  It was a ploy to inject new purpose & inspiration in my solo training.    But no matter the reason for using it, it does bring me joy.

O’Brien Sensei

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