Just Make the Shape

In learning our art there is often a struggle between mind, body and perception.

I have spoken about this before, students see something, or at least think they see something, then try and force that into reality.

They try too hard.

One of the simplest ways to progress is to just make the shape of the technique. Forget about what the mind is telling you to do, just put the body into the appropriate shape.
The shape is a vessel for the energy of the technique.

It is also the means by which that energy is correctly and most efficiently directed.

By focussing on the shape, we can short circuit all those annoying and counter productive thought processes and instead teach the body. Such learning is much deeper and longer lasting.

Make the correct shape at the correct time and uke’s body and/or weapon will respond as if bent to your will; the magic, (jutsu), of Aiki.

And now I have Mr Maker stuck in my head:
“I am a shape
I am a circle
I am a square
I am a triangle
I am a shape”

Kai Cho

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