Etiquette in our art involves saying “thank you” often.  We say it before class begins, after training with a partner, and when class is complete.  We acknowledge those who developed the art and we are thankful for new students who come to learn with us.

Gradings offer a marker in time to stop and be thankful to those who took part in the day, and to my teachers who prepared me for the grading.  The gift of understanding and guidance on a way is incremental, and it is worth looking back to see those who have been there with me.

Practicing gratitude over time becomes a habit and it is one of the most valuable things you can take from your training to your life.  Gratitude requires integrity and is a component of satisfaction, and happiness. 

It was a good day filled with many happy memories.  I was grateful to have gifted teachers and a talented training partner.  I am also relieved that it is over, but it is not the end.  I have plenty of opportunities to be thankful in the future.

O’Brien Sensei

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