2021 Bokuto

I finished making two bokuto for myself out of spotted gum. 

The larger one is only intended for suburi.  I wanted it to resemble an oar, but still have the curve and balance of a sword.  I have used other heavy long objects to simulate a sword and they never have the right weight distribution.  This one nicely combines a challenging heft with a satisfying movement.

The proportions of my new training bokuto are more slender than last year, which hopefully translates to a weapon that is more responsive.

This year’s theme in my training is sensitivity.  It is counter-intuitive to use a weighty suburito to get stronger in seeking sensitivity.  But having reserve strength and plenty of control at my disposal, I can operate at a level where I am more open to receive.

The praxis of making weapons is never complete until I use it in training for a while.  That is where intentions and hopes meet reality. 

O’Brien Sensei

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