Japan School Trip – 2018: Opening remarks

Recently, myself and five students, including my ten year old daughter returned from a trip to Japan. Partly this was to attend the Aizu Matsuri, marking the 150th year since the end of the Boshin War and the fall of the castle, but also simply because we love the culture and at least one of us had never been before.

My daughter and I kept a travel diary, as is our wont; each of us writing our own perspective and recollection of the day’s events.

Over the next few weeks, I shall publish a, slightly edited version of this, including the critical tsukemono notes that myself and one of the students made throughout the trip.

Names may be changed in order to avoid excessive law suites, but what follows will be a, not quite factual, account of our adventures.

Hopefully, this will inspire more Ten Shin Sho Kai students to join us for the next trip.


Kai Cho

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