Struggling with simplicity

Last night I taught an adult class a series of escape techniques. I designed these decades ago as a means to help protect my, then, very young, daughter. All the forms can be used effectively by small children against adults. Obviously, no strength can be involved, as few five year olds are physically stronger than an adult. To work, the techniques had to be based on fundamental Aiki principles and be very simple. I have been teaching them to children regularly and successfully since the early nineties.

Should have been an easy class for my adult students.

But no, the very concepts that make the forms suitable for children became stumbling blocks for the grown ups.

Aiki is a beautiful art. One that works extremely effectively with very little effort; if executed correctly.

Small children do not know that Aiki is impossible. They can do it extremely well.

Adults sub consciously refuse to believe it is possible. They need to prove it works. They try to make it complicated and add physical force to MAKE IT WORK.


Today the child I created those techniques for is an adult.

Indeed, today is her birthday.

Happy birthday, first born.


Kai Cho

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