Correlation is not necessarily causation

Byproducts of deep learning are the layers of understanding that form as you go.

 Early learning can be as simple as matching up a technique name with a specific movement.  Later, with more study, the movement you thought was the technique was just a few body shapes you copied; and the technique was an interaction with someone else.  Further on, you may see the interaction between you & another as a set of intentions and opportunities that resulted in an exchange.

And it extends further until shapes blend together and interactions stretch into one experience.

Through it all: you are right, but not for the reasons you think you are.

 I have a need to match up explanations with my understanding.  At each stage, my reasoning is sound.  Most times, the effect of a technique matches up with my application of it and things make sense.  That is, until I refine my learning and my technique.  The execution becomes a little better and the results are more satisfying.

 The discovery of the principle is an ever-regenerating fountain, but it doesn’t flow because of my mind’s reasoning.


O’Brien Sensei

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