First Demonstration

Recently we performed our first public Aiki demonstrations since the current plague began.

It was an interesting exercise, since, for the past five months we have not been permitted any open hand training. That is the longest period that either myself or my uke, O’Brien Sensei, have ever gone without any open hand practice, since we began our respective training lives.

As it turned out, all went well.

Apparently, decades of consistent training has a residual effect.

The three groups of grade three students we entertained were delightfully interactive, with often insightful questions and, equally often, not.

I will admit we had some cardio issues, and, lack of regular practice may have meant I was not as gentle with my partner as my reputation expects.

But, nevertheless, it was thoroughly enjoyable to be back doing uninhibited Aiki.

Towards the end, one child asked, why do I do this?

I began with the standard responses of, way of life, philosophy, interaction with the world, etcetera, etcetera, but then, looking at her glazing over eight year old eyes, said, it brings me immense joy.

And it does.

Kai Cho

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