Change in Tempo

There are some aspects of training that are artificial, but necessary.  Such as, repeatedly attacking someone who is performing a specific technique on you.  In a training context each new attack is its own attack and not always part of a broader engagement.

Every partner you train with has a different level of understanding and fitness.  That can also change depending on the day or due to injuries.  We are fortunate to have instructors who can tailor a class to meet the physical and mental threshold of everyone on the mat.  And no matter who you are working with, there is something to be learned.

The enthusiasm and vigour of the training is a choice by those participating in the class.  At times, it is easier to conserve energy because we are tired or apathetic.  That strategy will hold you back from progress and hinder you from discovering and stretching your limits.  It is also systemic.  In stunting your own development, you rob your partners of experiencing a committed opponent with determination and intent.

We all have bad days and seasons of difficulty.  Sometimes you can’t bring your full self to training, but you can give everything you have.  You can lift the spirits of those around you.  You can change the course of your journey towards growth.

O’Brien Sensei

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